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The study of German language, literature and culture expands the horizon of students and make them qualified for many professions. The TKU German department provides a wide subject from German language, culture to commercial and politics. 

The department offers Bachelor of Arts degree. From school year 107 an, students must collect 128 credits in 4 years and pass the CFER B1 test.


Rule for study in German Department:

1. Duration of study: 4 years and 128 credits that is 66 credits for obligatory subjects and at least 20 credits for choice subjects of the German department. The others credits are set for subjects of Liberal of Arts and subjects from other field.

2. Certificate of CFER German B1, FLPT German B1 test or similar German test, and TOEIC 550 (at least) is required


The main subjects consist of:

  • German grammar I-II
  • German reading I-II
  • German conversation I-III
  • German listening comprehension I-II
  • German writing I-III
  • Translation I-II
  • German literature I


The department provides a variety of subjects for student to choice:

  • Introduction of regional and cultural studies of Germany, Austrian and Switzerland
  • Introduction of German culture
  • Comparison of German and Chines culture
  • Introduction of linguistic
  • German literature II
  • German short stories
  • German in trade
  • German for tourism
  • German drama
  • Germany and the European Union
  • The German government and politics
  • Advanced German conversation
  • Media in Germany
  • Introduction of Interpretation