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1. Brief Introduction


The German department was founded in 1963, as a German section under the Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures. In 1975 the German section was allowed to upgrade its status to Department level, which meaned it could have its own faculty members and staffs. The Goal of the German Department aims at educating students with high competence of Germen language skill and acknowledge, so that they can engage in diplomacy and foreign trade.

Since 1994 the department implements Junior Abroad Program, it sends every year about 20 students to Bonn University, Germany, to study there for one year. And from 2000 an, according with the internationalization policy of the TKU, the department selects 5 exchange students to study in Bonn, Cologne or Munich universities, Germany, also for one year. In addition, the department provides an opportunity for all students to participate the summer camps which hold in German universities.

In school year 107, there are seven full-time faculty members: one professor and six assistant professors. All our full-time faculty members are graduated from German universities und have received their doctor degreed in Germany. In addition, we have 12 part-time faculty members, most of whom have received their MA degreed from German universities. The expertise of our full-time faculty members stretch from German literature, linguistic, foreign language teaching to European studies.


2. The goals of the department


The department offers diversified subjects in order to educate the students to have a competent knowledge of German:

a. the competence of oral presentation and listen comprehension according to CFER B1.

b. the competence of reading and writing according to CFER B1.

c. the competence of translation from German into Chinese.

d. competent knowledge of German literature and culture

e. the ability of learn by oneself, and the competence of colleting, analyzing of German material and giving an oral presentation.


3. Successive Chairpersons


1963.08-1966.10    Mr. Hsu Che-Chih

1966.10-1972.07    Mr. Liu Shih-Hsiang

1972.08-1978.27    Mr. Tao Wei

1978.08-1982.07    Mr. Hsiao Shih-Shiung

1982.08-1990.07    Dr. Chung Ying-Yen

1990.08-1994.07    Dr. Kuo Chiu-Ching

1994.08-2000.07    Dr. Lai Li-Hsiu

2000.08-2006.07    Dr. Roland Bednarsch

2006.08-2010.07    Mrs. Wei Jung-Chih M.A.

2010.08-2016.07    Dr. Chung Ying-Yen

2016.08-                   Dr. Wu, Wan-Bau